The birthplace of adaptive thinking


Who are we?

We are a  firm focused on building the adaptive capability of people and organisations in a fast changing & complex world. We bring our collective track record in cultural transformation and people & culture strategy, and combine this with our leading edge insights in Adaptive Intelligence to achieve sustained organisational cultural change and marketplace success.

Our purpose is to help organisations, teams and individuals flourish. We  achieve this through our values of Courage, Flexibility and being Solutions Focused.

We bring our deep collective expertise and experience  to the marketplace and partner with organisations to achieve sustained success.

Why are we called Stagira?

Our inspiration is derived from the birthplace of adaptive thinking. Stagira is a town in Greece that was the birthplace of Aristotle - regarded by many as the first person to identify the importance of adaptive thinking.  

Why Stagira Consulting?

We have a unique holistic approach that enables orgainsations to achieve sustained results.

Our breadth of our experience enables us to work across a range of organisations and levels including:

  • Non-Executive Boards
  • Senior leadership teams
  • Listed companies
  • Multi-national businesses 
  • Private Equity firms
  • People & Culture teams
  • Government Sector

We help our world to flourish


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to "help our world to flourish".  

The world is increasingly complex, uncertain and changing at an exponential rate.  Our view is that the  capability that distinguishes  those who flourish from those who flounder is the ability to adapt behaviour - what we call Adaptive Intelligence. 

The challenge facing most organisations is adapting their organisational culture to achieve and sustain marketplace success. And the challenge for many individuals is to achieve and sustain personal change, particularly on the one or two big things that will make a difference to their lives.

This is why Adaptive Intelligence is the most important capability.  IQ and Emotional Intelligence remain important, but the ability to adapt behaviour is what helps organisations and people truly flourish.

This is our passion and how we help our world to flourish.   

Our Values

We have three core values that guide the way that we partner with organisations and people to deliver success:

COURAGE - we understand that achieving sustained outcomes requires courage, including saying what needs to be said and holding leaders accountable.  We help build the capability of organisations to do this in a constructive manner;

FLEXIBILITY - each organisation and person is different  and we adapt our approach and tools to meet the unique needs of each organisation and person;

SOLUTIONS FOCUSED - we focus on outcomes and pride ourselves on achieving sustained solutions.  This includes building the internal capability of teams within organisations to manage ongoing adaptive change.